yoga in the modern world - a lifestyle to provide a sound mind in a healthy body

Today's world is frenetic. There's no two ways about it. Everything we do requires us to be in a constant state of rushing around. Time is of essence more often than not and we tell ourselves that we would do a certain thing only if we had more time. Yoga on the other hand, handed down through centuries when time had a completely different meaning, can teach us a thing or two about how to deal with this.

How will yoga benefit your life?

Slow activity for more focus - yoga in its pure form of slower stretches and breathing helps us to slow down and makes us aware of what is important and what not.

Correcting unnatural postures for more energy - another thing we do a lot more today then we ever did before is sit. We sit for hours and hours at work desks or in front of the TV... Sitting on chairs is not exactly the most natural of postures for human beings. What sitting does though, is that it ignores a lot of vital muscles in our bodies. Yoga also plays an important role in correcting our postures, which has gone out of spin, due to the hours of sitting.

Yoga means "to join, to unite" - In this way Yoga empowers us in coping with everyday demands, problems and worries.  

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