biography jasmin moser

Jasmin grew up in the vicinity of Berne in Switzerland and studied business administration. She now lives in Zurich and works part time in the corporate communication department of an internationally active business advisory company (Big4).

When Jasmin started looking for ways to balance the demands of her challenging business environment in 2007, she found yoga – or maybe yoga found her! She was fascinated by the positive effect on body and mind and explored various yoga styles, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara, Ashtanga and restorative yoga. Jasmin soon felt she wanted to pass her passion for yoga on to others, so she attended her first yoga teacher training at Airyoga in Zurich and completed it in 2009.

Since then, she has been teaching groups and private classes for companies and managers. Her ambition to teach a yoga style that is both suited to a challenging work environment and caters for individual needs motivated Jasmin to continue her training and complete the 500-hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training at ISTHA in Stockholm in 2013.

Jasmin also attended a number of workshops and seminars on mindfulness, stress management and Ayurveda in order to deepen her knowledge on a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Yoga: what it means...

For Jasmin, yoga is a way to „get on the mat“ and re-charge batteries. Her aim is to invite energy and focus into both the professional and private life. Jasmin's teaching focuses on building strength, endurance and flexibility. She combines luid asana practice with breathing and relaxation exercises.

Jasmin teaches in German and English.