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claudia garati

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jasmin moser

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  • Worked for more than 15 years in Banking
  • Completed 500-hour Teacher Training program as a certified
    yoga instructor in New York in 2006
  • Since 2006 has taught both group and individual classes of all levels

our vision


  • Studied business administration in Berne
  • Works for 7 years in Marketing/Communication of one of the Big4
  • Completed 500-hour Teacher Training in 2013 in Zurich/Stockholm
  • Since 2009 has taught both group and individual classes for companies and senior management

We want to empower business people to find in yoga an individual way to balance their life and support a healthy and sustainable lifestyle - to achieve their full potential of Energy, Focus and Creativity.

our values

  • Holistic – we come from a modern yoga system that trains, instructs and develops body, mind and spirit
  • Individual – ISHTA Yoga: we aim to create a practice that is best suited to the individual's physical, mental and spiritual needs
  • Sustainable - ISHTA Yoga: we combine elements of ancient Eastern disciplines to produce a modern yoga system

our lineage    

ISHTA was founded more than four decades ago and is one of the pre-eminent yoga systems now taught in the West.

ISHTA stands for the “Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda” and combines elements of these three ancient eastern disciplines to produce a modern yoga system that trains, instructs, and develops the body, mind, and spirit.

The word ISHTA is also derived from the Sanskrit word "ishta," and is interpreted as “that which resonates with the individual spirit,” which is also ISHTA’s mission: to provide a personal yoga system that is neither rigid nor dogmatic, and which allows the individual student, guided by the teacher, to create the practice best suited to his or her physical, mental, and spiritual needs.