why yoga for companies

It's early days yet, but more corporations are adopting yoga programs to help employees cope with stress and be more active in the workplace. Large organizations such as IBM, Nike and Apple offer yoga training... For many professionals life at work is full of distractions, yet yoga can provide an opportunity to regain their focus.

Your successful company relies on motivated, ambitious and healthy members of staff.

It is a matter of fact that healthy and motivated people are less absent, more productive, have a significant lower stress level and show higher performances. These facts guarantee you higher financial performance and preserve the quality of your staff, therefore

Yoga for companies is an investment that will pay off in the short as well as in the long-term.

our offer

Business Yoga - a specialized program for all levels of your employees...

Yoga classes at your office - tailor-made yoga classes at your office (in business outfits or work-out outfits)

Requirement: office space or gym

Energize your business meeting with Yoga - Include the benefits of yoga in your management meetings, presentations, annual partner conferences, etc.

We, at well@work yoga, offer individualized packages for every type of company - we will find the perfect solution for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for all levels of your employees.

  • Individual – We offer individualised packages on a modular base
  • Holistic – We offer Movement, Mindfulness and Relaxation to achieve full potential of your employees with regard to Energy, Focus and Creativity
  • Sustainable – To support and make the journey from knowing to doing